Pick.Click.Give.Believe it or not, you’ll get more by giving just a tiny bit of your PFD away. Seriously, it’s a proven fact that we feel good when we give. Because when we give, we are making a difference in the things most important to us.

Central Peninsula Health Foundation is part of the Pick.Click.Give. campaign for 2015. Pick.Click.Give. is a safe and easy way to make a positive impact in the lives of Alaskans. You can choose a contribution anywhere from $25 to the full amount of your dividend.

Consider a gift today. If every Alaskan takes this step… think of the power we have together. Use Pick.Click.Give. to make your first gift or to increase contributions to Central Peninsula Health Foundation.

In two short years, Pick.Click.Give. has helped generate nearly $1.5 million for Alaska causes.

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Interested in doubling your gift? BP, Wells Fargo, Rasmuson Foundation and The Foraker Group all offer an employee match program. Don’t forget to turn in your gift receipt to get the match for your nonprofit.

We are grateful to the Rasmuson Foundation for its leadership in establishing Pick.Click.Give. Through a generous contribution, the foundation is paying for the majority of the operating costs for the first three years, including any costs incurred by the state of Alaska to process donations.